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  • Marisa Rios

Let's Talk Saturation!

If you’ve ever had your brows Microbladed, shaded or any cosmetic tattooing whatsoever, this is for you!

Saturation refers to the amount of color/pigment in your cosmetic tattoo.

I have this conversation A LOT. Many women reach out every week to schedule a touch up. Sometimes they’re my clients, sometimes they’re coming to me from another artist.

Either way I’m always happy to offer my input!

When they send in photos of their brows, I can quickly see how saturated their brows are.

Don’t assume that you need a touch up because it’s been a year since your last session! Timing your touch up depends on the depth of color, not the amount of time.

If your brows are fully saturated with pigment, a touch up is not your best option at this time.

If your brows aren’t ready for a touch up, you can:

a. Wait, let them fade and apply a little makeup on them.

b. Get them tinted! Brow tinting can give your brows that “umph!” they had when they were freshly done.

c. Seek out brow tattoo removal services if necessary.

I created this post to help you better understand your cosmetic tattoo and let you know what options you have if you aren’t ready for a touch up. I hope you've found this helpful! For more educational posts and brow inspo - follow me on Instagram! @fortheloveofbrows



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