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4 Tips for Long Lasting Laminations

Brow Lamination has quickly become one of the most popular services at For the Love of Brows! Clients love seeing the instant transformation that occurs when their brows have been carefully laminated, tinted and shaped. In this post, I will discuss a few easy tips to maintain a long lasting lami.

Tip #1: Keep your brows completely dry for 24 hours! ⏰ ⁣This means avoiding heat, humidity, moisture and steam. On the day of your appointment, be sure to shower and wash your hair before you arrive for your eyebrow service. This will ensure you won't need to risk getting your brows wet in the shower. When you wash your face later that night cleanse around your brows to ensure they stay dry. You may even use a cleansing wipe if it's easier for you!

Tip #2: Wait 6 to 8 weeks before scheduling another lamination appointment! 🗓️ ❗️This one is especially important. If your hair is fine/sparse, it’s best to hold off closer to 8 weeks. For thick/coarse hair, 6 weeks is safe! You can over process your brow hair the same way you can over process the hair on your head. Appointments should be spaced out appropriately for that reason!⁣

Tip #3: Avoid using physical exfoliants (scrubs) and chemical exfoliants (salicylic acid, AHA’s) directly on the brows. Not only will this cause the lamination effect to go away faster but your brow tint will fade faster too! ⁣

Tip #4: Always use a nourishing oil (like castor oil) or brow serum to condition your brow hair! This promotes growth and nourishes the hair between lamination appointments. ⁣Remember: Lamination is a chemical process that affects the protein bonds of the hair. It's extremely important to nourish and condition the brows between lamination appointments to keep the hair as healthy as possible.

I hope you found this helpful! For more tips and brow pics, please follow me on Instagram. @fortheloveofbrows 💕

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