• Marisa Rios

Permanent Makeup & the Healing Process: What You Need to Know

Good after care is key to great healed results when you’re dealing with cosmetic tattoos! Instructions can vary slightly from one artist to another. The tips I’ve listed here are what I have seen work best for my clients!

Day of Appointment: You’ve just had your brows done and they look fabulous! Now that the skin has been opened, we have to treat the area as an open wound. You’ll blot the area to remove fluid secretions that come up to the surface of the skin when it’s been wounded. Then you’ll cleanse them once within a couple hours to be totally sure you’ve removed all fluid secretions. If you don’t, large scabs will form and cause major pigment loss.

Days 1 - 10 After Appointment: This is when you want to baby your brows! You’re cleansing them to remove build up or debris, patting the area dry then applying a super light layer of healing balm to keep the area moisturized.

From Day 1 after your procedure to Day 10, it’s important to remember both the Do’s and the Don’t’s! I know, there is a laundry list of Don’t’s but each of these tips is there for a reason. Excessive heat and sweat always wreak havoc on healing brows. My main goal is to give you the best healed brows possible and to share the knowledge that will help you protect your investment!

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