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How to Pick Your Permanent Makeup Artist

So you're ready to take the plunge and schedule a consult with a permanent makeup artist. You can visualize the brows of your dreams but now you need the person that can make those dreams a reality. Finding and choosing your permanent makeup artist can be daunting. Here you'll learn a few key points to focus on as you search for the ideal professional for you.

Research Your Artist

As artists, we spend countless hours updating websites and social media platforms with valuable information. Utilize every single resource! It’s there for a reason. If you have a question, there’s a 99% chance it's already been answered on our website. Be sure to stalk their Instagram, Facebook page, Google Business, etc. Visit websites and read their FAQ. Read reviews and pay special attention to photos of healed work. Using this info makes the overall process easier for everyone and gives you, the client, a better understanding of how permanent makeup works.

Look for “Before” Photos that Resemble You

Look for photos of other clients whose natural “before” photos resemble you. Focus on features like natural brow shape (without makeup), skin type, age and hair color. If you’ve got naturally thin eyebrows, research clients with petite brow shapes. Be wary of Pinterest photos. Photos of brows with heavy makeup are not good examples. Please understand permanent makeup has its limitations.

Show Us How You Fill In Your Brows

If you don’t fill your brows in normally, we want to know. If you do fill your brows in daily, we want to know! Spare no detail, including photos of what that fill in looks like. You may not be happy with the way you draw your brows and that’s okay too! A skilled artist will show you exactly what needs to be changed and how to change it.

Understand Your Artist Will Design Brows for You, Not Someone Else

Understand your artist will design brows for you, not someone else. We will consider your likes, dislikes and brow photos that inspire you 💯 All we ask is that you maintain realistic expectations. We specialize in creating natural enhancements to your unique facial features. We cannot make you look like someone else nor would we ever want to. ❤️ The goal is to make you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin.

Choosing an artist can be tricky! The key points mentioned above will help guide you through the process. Research the person you are trusting with your face. Manage your expectations by focusing on what will bring harmony to your brow shape, not someone else's. Provide visual examples and communicate with your artist. Each of these steps will be invaluable as you begin developing a relationship with your future PMUA.

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