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  • Marisa Rios

For the Love of Brows & Blogs: The Intro

Have you ever felt hopelessly stumped while tweezing your eyebrows? Have you ever felt the shock of losing brow hair and you don't know why? These are just a couple examples of problems I solve for my clients on a daily basis. My name is Marisa and I'm a brow guru based out of Chandler, Arizona! I help men and women enhance the natural shape of their brows in order to live more confident, carefree lives. I've been a licensed aesthetician for 13 years and a certified permanent makeup artist for 4 years.

Helping people is my passion. I love finding creative solutions for whatever eyebrow issues are plaguing my clients. I want to use this platform to highlight those issues and help guide you to the brow shape of your dreams! Follow along to learn more about your most important facial feature and to learn a little about me as well. :)

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